With the recent passing of Robin Williams, the world lost yet again another talent that had a knack for making people laugh. Robin Williams always on point as a comedian and a wonderful actor who figured in a number of movies. Some of his movies were flops but a lot of them helped cement his name as one of the best actors of his time.

Robin Williams in His 4 Most Iconic Roles

The 4 Most Iconic Roles of Robin Williams

  • Mrs. Doubtfire – This was perhaps one of the most iconic roles he has every played and all those other movies where men dress up as women and actually fool people took a page from this movie. In Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams wears a matronly costume just so he can pretend to be the nanny and spend time with his kids. He was found out in the end but it was a great movie.
  • Peter Pan – The story of Peter Pan is iconic enough as it is, but the “Hook” movie starring Robin Williams as Peter Pan, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle, and Dustin Hoffman was a legend in its own right. This movie showed us that Robin Williams was an actor who was versatile and yet funny at the same time. I can never forget the part where he got beaned in the face with icing and the part where he beaned Rufio in the face with food. I loved that movie and I suspect it was because Robin Williams was so good in it. Also, I love Dustin Hoffman as Hook.
  • Jumanji – Anyone who has ever watched this movie will tell you that it is one for the books and Robin Williams in it was just golden. I loved this movie so much that I must have watched it a hundred times with my friends. Alan, who was played by Robin Williams, really saved the world and defeated the game.
  • Dead Poets Society – This was a movie that showed how Robin Williams wasn’t just a funny man but a man of true acting talent. He plays a teacher that has unorthodox teaching methods and his students are all the better for it in the end.