Your room is your sanctuary. After a tiring day, being able to plop down in bed and relax is a definitely welcome feeling. However, your room may not always be the most comfortable environment depending on several factors. If you feel as if something is still wrong in your room or you just want something more comfortable, why don’t you consider the following ideas? I’ve tried some of these and they definitely helped make my room more comfortable to be in!

How to Make Your Room More Comfortable

  • Ventilation – This is one great factor that contributes to the level of comfort inside your room. Have an exhaust fan for stifling days and use it as a preliminary cooler before turning your air conditioner on. For colder months, make sure your heating vent is clean and in good condition.
  • Furniture – Plan your furniture arrangement for a more comfortable feeling. Remember that less clutter makes you move around more freely and in a less controlled manner. Have the basics like your bed, a wardrobe, and maybe a vanity.
  • Rugs – Rugs are relaxing after a tiring day! Burying your toes into the softness of these rugs can calm your feet and legs. They also help counter cold floors in the winter. You can even laze around on the floor if you prefer!
  • Seats – The bed is great for relaxation, yes. But sometimes, being in an upright resting position is good as well. Have one comfortable chair in your room or perhaps a beanbag which allows you to relax in a sitting position.
  • Lighting – Lighting is crucial for relaxation. Consider placing dim lights in your room so it won’t always be too bright. Having a bedside lamp also helps. If you prefer sleeping with complete darkness, have thick curtains which can block light from the outside. You can even enjoy long naps during the day!

lighting for rooms

  • Extras – Try not to have a T.V. in your room unless it’s one of your room must-haves. You’ll find that less noise becomes more relaxing. Have a potted plant inside your room as they can help bring some more life into it! You can even have a small dehumidifier to give a great scent to your room while making the air more breathable.

Try these tips and let me know what you think!