Skater skirts are in! These high-waisted above the knee skirts are versatile pieces that make you look chic and fun at the same time. They come in a variety of colors and some design variations, but they basically look the same when it comes to the structure. Here are some of the tips you should remember when it comes to wearing skater skirts:

What to Wear with Skater Skirts


  • A fitted shirt which you can tuck in would look great with a skater skirt. If not a fitted shirt, go for something which would give you a bit of a puffed up look—such as a dress shirt.
  • If you’re wearing a loose shirt, you can tuck just the front part right in the middle of the skirt to show off the skater skirt structure.
  • Pair the skirt with stockings or thigh-highs. You can even go for knee-high socks if you prefer something a little less “dressed up.”
  • You can wear pretty much all kinds of shoes, but it would be best to stick to closed shoes for skater skirts. I think it gives a more finished look, so go for maybe sneakers, ballet flats, or even high heels. You’d look extra dainty and runway worthy when you do this.
  • Layer. You can put a blazer on top of your chosen top and your skater skirt would still shine through.

What to Wear with Skater Skirts 4

  • Cropped tops are fabulous for skater skirts! You can have a t-shirt and cut it so it would show about an inch of skin above your skirt, or maybe even a cropped bustier top. This reveals some skin, but it’s not overdone.
  • Wear it with a nice tank top. Tank tops give a chic yet casual feel when you’re wearing skater skirts and they look great for a time out with your friends or for shopping too.
  • Pair it with a jacket or trench coat. This gives off a girly and preppy look which would definitely set you apart from the crowd.

Skater skirts are versatile pieces. Just remember that a tucked in look works best and that showing the waistline of this skirt is the key to achieving a great look!