There is just something about the cat-eye eyeliner look that makes it look so classy and mysterious! I am a huge fan of the look and try to create it every chance I get. Sometimes, I make the lines really thick and bold if I am going out with friends. During the day, I try to create subtle and thinner lines for my cat-eye so that it looks more “kitten” and less “cat”! I really love this look but I also know that it is not the easiest of looks to create. I know it took me several weeks to master and I still botch it from time to time!

I want to help you help yourselves with this look; it is not as hard as it looks and you can do it with a bit of practice. Have a look at some of my tips below! This will help you create the perfect look each and every time.

Choose a eyeliner

Now you can use a pencil liner or even a liquid liner but I like gel liners since they have great staying power and easier to control. Whatever you choose, just make sure you choose a long-lasting and smudge-proof liner. The beauty of the cat eyeliner is in its clean lines.

Start from the outer area.

Next thing you want to do is to create a diagonal line from the outer eye. Make sure you angle the line towards your temple and not the edge of your brow or it might look a little strange.

Create dashes.

Next is to put eyeliner dash lines from the tip of the diagonal line to the inner portion of your eye. You will want to use the dashes as a guide to make a straight like.

Fill in the eye tips

You take your gel liner and fill in the space and you now have your cat eyeliner. One tip you may want to follow is to use scotch tape or a business card to help you create a straight line towards your temple. You can use the tape or card as a sort of ruler and this also prevents smudges.