Everyone wants a home that feels both welcoming and stylish, but with busy schedules, it can be tough to dedicate time to a full-on redecoration project. Luckily, sprucing up your space doesn’t need to take all day. Here are some quick, easy tips to refresh your home in 10 minutes or less, making it look chic without the hassle.

Declutter Your Main Surfaces

A cluttered space can make even the most stylish home look disheveled. Start by clearing off main surfaces like your coffee table, kitchen counters, and end tables. Just removing unnecessary items and organizing what’s left can dramatically alter the feel of a room. Use trays to corral smaller items like remotes and coasters, and suddenly, your space will look neat and purposeful.

Rearrange Decorative Accents

Refreshing your space can be as simple as rearranging the accessories you already have. Shift your decorative items between rooms for a new perspective. Swap the vases, books, and art pieces from one room to another. This quick change can make it feel like you’ve updated your decor without spending a dime or much time.

Add a Pop of Color with Throw Pillows

throw pillows

One of the fastest ways to freshen up your living area or bedroom is to swap out or add new throw pillows. Choose bright colors or bold patterns to inject energy and chic into any room. This small change can shift the entire color palette and mood of the space, making it feel like a new environment.

Refresh with Nature

Bringing a bit of nature indoors can instantly elevate your home’s ambiance. Add a fresh bouquet of flowers or a new houseplant to your living space for a quick refresh. Plants not only add color and life but also change the feel of your room, making it more inviting and vibrant.

Update Your Lighting

Lighting can dramatically affect the mood of a room. To quickly change up your space, adjust your lighting setup. If you have dimmable lights, play with different levels to find a cozy atmosphere, or add a new lamp if you have one on hand. Even lighting a few candles can add warmth and a soothing glow to your room.

Organize Books by Color


If you have a bookshelf, try reorganizing your books by color rather than by size or author. This rainbow effect can serve as a focal point and adds an element of fun to your room. It’s a quick project that packs a big visual punch.

Hang Up a New Piece of Art

Artwork significantly influences the look and feel of a space. If you have a piece of art that’s been lying around or hidden away in a closet, hang it up! Changing or adding art can refresh your walls and bring new energy to your room. It’s a simple switch that can make a big impact.

Play with Textures

Mixing up textures can add depth and interest to any room. Try draping a textured throw over a sofa or chair, or place a sheepskin rug on the floor or over an ottoman. These tactile elements invite coziness and can transform the feel of your space in an instant.

Conclusion: Quick and Stylish Updates

Updating your home doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive process. With these simple tricks, you can give your space a quick chic makeover in just minutes. Whether you’re decluttering, rearranging, or adding new elements, each small change can contribute to a more beautiful and inviting home. So take a few minutes today to refresh your space and enjoy the new vibe you’ve easily created!