I have to confess that when it comes to nail polish, I like the more staid and traditional colors. I like light pinks and barely-there shades of champagne and peach. If I feel a bit more adventurous or edgy, I would go for hot reds and bubble-gum pinks or perhaps shades of taupe and aubergine. I never go for the too-bright colors because I was never really sure I could pull them off.

However, summer season is here and I wanted to try something different for a change. I gathered my courage and went to the salon for a manicure where I chose a bright neon yellow nail polish! I had my doubts but after 45 minutes, I knew I had made the right choice because my nails not only look cool but they really gave off that cool summer vibe I so wanted.

Rocking Neon Nails!

Now I know neon nails aren’t for everyone and they are most certainly not for all occasions but if you want something fun and funky to brighten up your look, you should definitely check out some of my ideas below!

  • Neon French tips – The French tip is a classic look that can take you from day to night. However, if you want a funky new look that can take you from day to night as well, why not try neon French tips? This nail polish design allows you to indulge in neon while still keeping things relatively low-key. Next time you go for a manicure, ask the salon technician to switch the white polish with some neon polish.Neon French tips
  • Add texture – If your neon polish is not shocking enough for you, it is a good idea to add in some texture in the form of glitter or maybe sand. It looks really cool and gives your nail polish that extra punch. add texture to your neon nail polish
  • All neon – Neon is a very attention-grabbing color so if you want to use neon nail polish make sure you use just one color for all your nails. This way, you keep the uniformity of the colors and it doesn’t look quite so shocking and funky.