I’m going to confess, I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres. She is a very influential person and her personality makes people love her so much. If you ask me, it’s her honesty that makes her so popular. People all over the world love her, and that includes me.

Why People Love Ellen DeGeneres 2Is it even possible to pinpoint why I, like many people, love Ellen? Everything she does amuses me, really. She has all these crazy antics in her show and she likes playing pranks on her guests. Everything is good-natured and humorous, though. She doesn’t bring anyone down just for the sake of having a few laughs about it. That’s what most comedians forget these days. Jokes don’t have to be at the expense of other people.

Ellen and her guests are amusing because they come up with pranks and jokes that are entertaining, and even if the guests have to say something silly about themselves, they are pretty cool about it. It’s self-deprecating, but still in a good-natured way. It’s all for the sake of having fun. Ellen has that effect on people. She wants to have fun and she encourages everyone to do so by setting a good example.

Why People Love Ellen DeGeneresAside from being good at making people laugh though, Ellen also has a generous soul. She supports different charities and makes sure that those who need help get it. She isn’t scared to use her show to promote what needs promoting. She goes out of her way to help. Some celebrities also do this and I have high respect for them. It’s a good use of their influence.

Ellen is a charitable person with a big heart and in fact she has worn awards for this. She has The Gentle Barn, a hospital and home dedicated to abused animals. She has a campaign with Ben Affleck for the foundation called Feeding America. She also supports the American Red Cross in their efforts to extend help. She advocates Breast Cancer Awareness.

Overall, Ellen is truly someone to admire. She not only has the natural talent to brighten anyone’s day, but she also uses her influence in order to urge other people to be aware of their surroundings and help. That’s why people love her.