If you’ve never seen celebrities compared to other personalities that they look like, you are missing a lot. Have you seen Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice? What about Kiera Knightley and Natalie Portman? Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel? Check out Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And then there’s the never-changing face of Keanu Reeves. I am personally amazed at how different haircuts and clothes can emphasize the similarities of one woman to another; a man dressed up in the clothes of days long gone can make us remember a different person. But even more amazing than those is George Clooney and Clark Gable’s sameness.

Current and Past Celebrity Doppelgangers – George Clooney and Clark GableIf you didn’t know yet, George Clooney did a series of adverts with some female actresses and for this project he had to don the Clark Gable style which surprised me and millions of others.

For the adverts, Clooney was wearing an outfit reminiscent of Gone with the Wind and he even wore a cravat and sported a thin moustache. The similarities are simply so amazing that people can’t stop talking about it.  There is also that effortless charm that both men exude when surrounded by women.

Current and Past Celebrity Doppelgangers – George Clooney and Clark Gable 2It’s actually not the first time I’ve seen George Clooney compared with Clark Gable. It’s the charisma that both men have that seems to emphasize their physical similarities. There is the heartthrob title that has been given to both of them on different periods of time, and there is that endearing smile that will just draw you in.

Even though George Clooney in his usual style doesn’t exactly look like Clark Gable, once the makeup and the styling is done, he could pass as a modern version of the late actor. If you ask me, this gives me hope that maybe by changing my style a bit I can look like my favorite celebrity too. Some hair dye, the right haircut, and just the perfect makeup could probably help me look like some female celebrities.

Current and Past Celebrity Doppelgangers – George Clooney and Clark Gable 3

You can do the same, too. Try experimenting on your looks. There are also some tutorials online on how to look like popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson.