I’m not going to lie. I had a phase when I wanted to look like celebrities. Who wouldn’t, when they always seemed to have that glow about them, and their hair always looks shiny and perfect? And then the body, oh yes, I wanted that. But looking at their before and after pics make me think that they put some work to achieve their look, whether that work required surgery or exercising. Just look at the transformations:

  1. Paris Hilton – In her earlier days, I thought she was too skinny even though her cheeks had a bit of fat in them. I guess she was still young then. Now she looks just fabulous. I wouldn’t mind looking like that and having the money she has, too.paris hilton before and after
  2. Lindsay Lohan – As amazing as Lindsay’s transformation has been, I’m going to confess that I didn’t want to be like her. It’s not just about the appearance. It’s about what happened to her life in general. I don’t want to have to live a life like that even if I have to skip on the pretty face.lindsay lohan before and after
  3. Megan Fox – Megan Fox is a bombshell, there’s no denying that. But if you look at her earlier photos, she looked less so. Thanks to some surgery she is now a goddess. There’s a face that I’d envy, but I don’t exactly want to have it because, well, I think that it is accompanied by a lot of misfortune. I do appreciate her appearance though.megan fox before and after
  4. Jennifer Aniston – I wouldn’t mind looking like Jen, whether it’s in her earlier days or right now. She is a woman who grew up more beautiful despite her age, and I’d like that too. How many women can you call hot when they are already her age, right? And her body—it’s simply perfect. Whenever I see her in movies I feel motivated to take care of my body more.jennifer aniston before and after

Looking at photos of celebrities as motivation is great. I have an idea of what kind of look I want to have, and it helps me achieve my goals. I wouldn’t plan on going under the knife any time soon though. Exercise will have to be my best friend.