I like wearing boyfriend shirts and pants. I simply find oversized clothing to be adorable, and it helps me come up with unique outfits without having to prepare for a long time. Let me share with you some tips when wearing boyfriend shirts:

As an oversized top

lipstick shirt

You may not have a choice but to wear an oversized boyfriend shirt, or you may also be choosing to wear it on your own, but what matters is that you should look lovely in it. Simply wear the shirt as an oversized top and pair it with form-fitting pants or leggings. I prefer leggings, then either sneakers or wedges for the footwear.

As a cover-up

This will work best when the weather is a bit chilly, but you can still wear it on warmer weather since it’s loose and comfortable. What you want to do is put it on top of a form-fitting dress or top paired with some skinny leggings or pants. I like to add a belt to cinch the waist to give it some shape.

As a dress

boyfriend shirt as a dress

Yes, you can use your boyfriend’s shirt as a dress! It will be a little tricky, and the size of the shirt will matter, but as long as you wear it with confidence it should work out perfectly. All you have to do is wear the shirt, which could give you the length of a short dress, and use a belt to define your waist. Pairing it with some jewelry can also make it look more fashionable. I like wearing long necklaces with it and putting my hair in a loose ponytail or bun.

Your boyfriend’s button-down or plain shirt can be worn in different ways. Aside from these, I’ve also tried wearing boyfriend jeans, and if you do that, make sure that you pair it with a fitted top to balance the looseness of the pants. When wearing boyfriend jeans and shirts, it’s all about balance. You don’t want to look like a homeless girl. What you want to achieve is a look that says you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing.