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If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, fret not! There’s a special day for you too.

What is Singles Awareness Day?

Well, basically it’s a day set aside to celebrate those whose knights in shining armor seem to linger a little longer, or in the case of the knights, a celebration for those whose princesses are yet to show up.

In spite of you remaining single, rest in the hope of celebrating love though in singlehood. Never again should you allow Valentine’s Day to mock your singlehood, not when there are like 18 ways to celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

What’s the Difference Between National Singles Day and Singles Awareness Day?

Though both days celebrate the same thing, singles awareness day is commonly observed on 15th February worldwide. Depending on where you come from, there exist variations in the national singles day.

For the Americans, the National Singles Day falls on September 22nd. If in China, you’ll experience such celebrations on 11th November.  In the UK, the day is commemorated on 15th February, immediately after Valentine’s Day.

Who Should Celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

More often than not, the word single is misconstrued to exclude guys. So, irrespective of gender, as long as you aren’t in a relationship, you are not part of a civil union, or you are unmarried, this day is for you. You can lose yourself in appreciating family, friends and yourself.

Of great importance, therefore, is how you spend the day as a single. Are you wondering how to make this year’s Singles Awareness Day meaningful and memorable? The following are ways to make the day count.

Commit to Your Hobbies

Living life in the fast lane is always strenuous. You hardly have time for one more thing. As earlier stated, Singles Appreciation Day is a holiday, set apart for the singles. Break from routine and try the new recipe you collected from the latest cookbook.

What is your hobby? Take the bicycle which has collected so much dust, and have a ride in the woods. You can also engage in handwork. Create those beautiful pieces. It could be through stitching, painting or beading. All that matters is you create something of which you are proud.

While in the fantasy world, write that poem or music that you so desire your significant other get to listen upon arrival.

Reward the Sweet Tooth

A cheat day isn’t a bad idea after all. Reward your sweet tooth with all the goodies for which it craves. These can be chocolate, pizza, ice cream, candy, etc. Only make sure not to count the calories. Calculating the calories intake will be a killjoy.

But I’m watching my diet? Sure you are. The singles day will not last forever, but there will always be an open gym.

Give Back to Society

It’s more blessed to give than to receive. Have you ever experienced the joy that comes with lifting others?  To avoid fixation on relationships, offer to volunteer in institutions where helping is highly welcome.

Group of volunteers picking up trash

Visit seniors’ home where you can serve them, help them in walking or running errands. You can spare some cash to buy foods stuff which you deliver to children’s home. Serving these communities will open your eyes to how blessed you are.

Don’t make the singles day all about yourself, touch the hearts of the less privileged.

Cut the Bridge

Are you nursing heartbreak? Or has your ex refused to vacate your thoughts? Stop wishing they were around. The Good Book tells us to love others as we love ourselves. And the Singles Awareness Day is offering you a perfect chance to do just that. Love yourself.

See; It’s so hard letting go of your ex. However, souvenirs from the past relationship keep adding salt to the injury. Let your ex be water under the bridge by cutting the bridges that link both of you. On Singles Day, decide to make a bonfire of his/her souvenirs. It could be the sweatshirt, scarf or photos. Burn them.

To make it more fun, consider inviting a friend or two over at your place.

Organize a Soiree

You are not the only single, are you? You have single buddies. As a celebration of your singlehood, organize an evening party. Have fun by planning for the soiree all by yourselves.

In the planning, you’ll get to appreciate each other’s gifting and skills. Additionally, it being your brainchild, you get to customize the festivities to your liking. Make sure to have delicious meals, and irresistible, danceable music.

To spice things up, have interactive games and a gift-exchange session. Who knows, Dr. Cupid’s arrow may strike you in the process.

Pamper Yourself

We all need some pampering. To celebrate Singles Awareness Day, book yourself a spa session. You can also have a revitalizing full-body massage. Consider having your hair done while receiving a manicure and pedicure at the same time.

These seemingly little efforts will leave you feeling good about yourself. Isn’t a celebration meant to arouse the feel-good hormones? Don’t get stuck because of your low budget. Pamper yourself in the confines of your home. What is a better time to do the pampering than in the afternoon?


It’s a lot cheaper traveling solo than as a couple. What’s that dream location you always wished you can go to? Take advantage of your Singles Awareness Day and book yourself into that location. Is it in Hawaii, for snorkeling?

Happy woman in hat traveling solo

As an individual, you can spend all the time you wish without getting in the way of someone else like you would in a relationship; enjoy singlehood while it lasts. Make sure to save for such a trip beforehand, if yours is a tight budget. Take a camera with you to capture the heavenly memories.

Exchange Gifts

It’s your valentine day. Save for the fact that you are single. With your fellow singles, create a Singles day gift-exchange program. You could decide to go for the Valentine-themed gifts like the cards, chocolates, and flowers.

Alternatively, give custom-made gifts that appeal more to individuals’ preference and taste. Such a plan also ensures you spend the day with the people you love, those who understand the challenges of singlehood. You will save yourself traumatizing questions, such as why you are single at 30.

Dating Online

Are you called for celibacy? If not, you’ll always find a need to get hooked to someone. The period between New Year and Valentine, experiences increased activities on Online dating sites. Get yourself a subscription to a dating site of your choice.

Is online dating for you? Though there are online dating success stories, trust your gut feeling. Otherwise, you may get a fraud for a date. Who knows, by putting yourself out there, you may be opening up to the love of your life. Feel free to cancel the subscriptions at any time.

Spend the Night Out

Being single is not synonymous to lack of friends. Make good the Singles Appreciation Day by calling out your BFF for a dinner date. Make it count by visiting a fancy restaurant. However, exercise caution by setting ground rules.

Make it clear that you are hanging out as friends and not couples. The principles will inform your interaction together. Failure to set the rules may transform it into the worst night out. Remember you reserve the rights to your singleness. Unless you are okay discussing your status, tell them it’s out of topic. You need your peace, don’t you?

Invest In You

As you’ll notice, you are your most excellent investment as a single. With no kids and spouse to take care, focus on self-improvement. How can I achieve it? Sign yourself up for that professional course that you have been coveting.

Since there are easily accessible college programs, use the singles appreciation day to pay up for the program which will help you scale your skills a notch higher. You can also take the chance to be part of a local networking group in your locality.

Get a Pet

Are you a pet lover? Or would you mind being the newest pet owner?  The pet option is, however, a costly one. A pet will not only last through the Singles Day Celebration. You, therefore, need time, money and tons of effort in caring for a fluffy friend.

Happy smiling woman hugging her dog

Despite the limitations, your fluffy friend will walk with you into new dimensions of health. Cuddling and loving your pet will reduce your stress levels for the singles day. Consequently, it will improve your mood while keeping your socialization skills in check.

Indulge in a Gift

It is the singles’ day; make yourself feel like you matter. Show some love to yourself by going the extra mile to buy that beautiful electronic gadget. It could be the latest phone model or the designer wrist watch.

You have always broken the ceiling to make other people happy. Don’t feel guilty of going overboard to reward yourself with that fancy outfit.

Love on Yourself

The valentine day dust has hardly settled. The good thing is retailers are thoughtful of your status and will slash prices on items such as cards, candy, and flowers. Buy yourself a beautiful card. On the card write how much of a darling you are; first to yourself then to others.

Do you remember the letters you received from people you love? Yes, those that made you teary. It’s your time now. Love on yourself with words like nobody will ever do. What milestones have you achieved? Congratulate yourself for a job well done; it’s not weird to encourage oneself.

Are you sailing in a storm? Intrinsically motivate yourself. Pen that motivation down. It will be the light in your darkest night. How about sending fresh roses your way? Display them as a reminder of self-love.

Nurture Financial Discipline

Managing your finances sounds like a weird thing to do when you should be having fun. You are endowed with too much already. And it’s essential to monitor your financial discipline. You’ll be surprised at just how many loopholes you will have sealed by managing your resources.

Start by analyzing your credit score. Secondly, offset your debts and get a financial application to help you manage your finances. If nurturing fiscal discipline doesn’t appeal to you on the singles day, don’t worry; think of it as paying yourself forward into the future.

Get Spiritual

Human beings are social beings, and so are you. Consider setting the day apart to seek the intervention of your deity. Understand your singlehood from a spiritual point of view. How do you get spiritual on Singles Appreciation Day? It’s all depends on your belief system.

Calm woman listening to music, breathing deeply

Some denominations may set the day for dating seminars. The seminars enlighten you on why wait and what to do during the wait. If such is not your denomination, get your palm read. After which you receive an interpretation of what the gods are saying about your career and dating. Will you have children? If yes how many? Interesting, isn’t it?

Book Yourself a Ticket

Is there an event going down on National Singles day? It could be a concert, comedy show or sports match. If you enjoy such occasions, don’t be pinned down by your relationship status. It’s perfectly okay to be single and enjoy your own company.

Walk or drive your way into being entertained.  You can learn about yourself as you get the treat. What makes you happy? What angers you so easily? If the comedy tickles your ribs, laugh your heart out.

Laze Around

You heard that right. You’ve been helter-skelter all year keeping up with your busy schedule. On the S.A.D, break the norm by lazing around. If you can, spend all day in bed with breaks for meals. Alternatively, catch on the movie that has all tongues talking.

For the entire day, become a free spirit without a to-do list. Engage in what keeps your mind alive. Will binge-eating make you happy? So, be it.

As agreed, there should be nothing to be sad about being single. Now; you have enough options on ways to celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Shift most focus on you. Pamper yourself and let nothing make you feel incomplete. A relationship comes but to compliment you. So, stay complete until love finds you!