Accessories exist to make a woman look and feel fabulous. A dull piece of clothing can be made a stunning piece with the help of the right accessories. But how many accessories is enough? How many accessories are you allowed to wear at a time? According to renowned fashion icon Coco Chanel, we should at least subtract one accessory from our get-up before actually leaving the house. This means for every set of 4, we must take one out before leaving the house. Are you following this rule?



Rings are supposed to be cute. Sometimes, they even compliment the color of your nail polish. But how can you get your work done if you have too many going on? If you really wish to highlight your nails, do you really need to wear one for each finger? Sticking to just one ring can never go wrong.



Bracelets can make you look classy and formal. But most of the time, wearing too much of these can be a disaster. Wearing 5 THIN bracelets at the most is fine, but if you wish to wear bangles, try sticking with two. Also, the “thin” type bracelets should almost stick to your skin, so you won’t get distracted while doing your daily activities.



Earrings are the only accessory that should never be left out when deciding what to wear. These little pieces of stones bring out a natural glow to your face even without wearing any makeup on. For me, people wearing a pair of earrings alone look more beautiful and elegant than a person wearing a lot of other accessories aside from this.



A pair of earrings combined with a beautiful necklace is a look to die for. In fact, you can just forget the first two accessories and stick with these last two. Just make sure that your necklace is not hugging your neck too tight so you won’t feel uncomfortable while at a party.

This is a list on how to decide how many accessories you should wear at once. 41% of girls say less is more, 43% think that 3-4 is the right number, 12% would wear 5-6, while 2% would go all out. Where do you categorize yourself?