Just talking about a trip to Belgium is enough for you to start thinking about the innumerous places that are worth visiting! However, there are some so called “top spots” that appear to be in the list of the best places to visit in Belgium and here we present them!

The Atomium

It’s not only the magical view that makes the Atomium in Brussels so special but also the various exhibitions that take place every once in a while each time presenting a new work!

Best Places to Visit In Belgium

Delirium Tremens Cafe

This is a spot perfect for an unforgettable night out, as not only it appears to be the right place for you to relax and have drink but also offering a big variety of beers this place will definitely have at least an option for you!

Best Places to Visit In Belgium

Gravensteen Castle

Located in Ghent this castle will help you explore the whole history lying behind the beauty of this country and introduce you to the cultural characteristics of Belgium.

Best Places to Visit In Belgium


Liège is a place, where you get the luck to experience and understand what it’s like to actually shop from an open-air market as it is famous for having the largest one in the whole country.

Best Places to Visit In Belgium

Museum Aan de Stroom

Located near the port of Antwerp the Museum of Aan de Stroom will present you interesting galleries that you’ll talk about for a long time!

Best Places to Visit In Belgium

“La Balade des Gnomes”

A unique hotel designed with fairytale and folklore inspired details that will leave a big impact on you and make even your relax time especially memorable!

Best Places to Visit In Belgium

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