Love curls but don’t have curly hair? It’s okay, we will create those curls! The only thing we are going to need is a curling iron. One of the things we should pay attention to when choosing a curling iron, is the right size. The size of the barrel of the curling iron depends on the result you are trying to achieve (for beachy, loose waves, curling irons with a diameter of one to two inches will be perfect). Although curling irons seem to be these innocent, easy-to-master devices, sometimes they can be very tricky! But fret not! We are going to show you how the beachy waves you have always dreamt about can be created.

How to Use a Curling Iron to Style Perfect Beachy Waves

If you just got out of the shower, that’s great! If not, dampen your hair before starting the whole beachy waves-making process. Blowdry the damp hair (with no brush; just using your fingers is enough) to give it volume. Make sure you dry your hair very well, because wet hair is hard to manage. Start curling the lower part of your hair by wrapping an inch-wide section of hair around the barrel (be careful not to let the curling iron become too hot, as it may damage your hair, especially when you have fine/colored hair). Keep the curling iron in vertical position. Twisting your hair before wrapping it can do the trick: your hair will look more natural! After curling all of the lower half, add a little texturizing spray. Tease your hair from the roots to give it a more tousled, messy look (you can also flip your hair forward). All set! Thank God for curling irons!

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