So much has been said about losing weight and the exercises that will help to quicken the process. Losing weight is not about starving yourselves to death. It’s about following a healthy diet and exercising properly.  Here are some tips and technique which will help you lose those extra pounds quickly.

Easy Fitness Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Using weights

No, we are not talking about lifting heavy weights at gym like some maniac who’s getting ready for the Olympics. We suggest you wear light weights on your wrists when doing the activities you do every day. This way, you will not need to spend a separate time on training and you’ll get your everyday tasks done. Two birds with one stone!


Did you know you could burn calories with some Hip Hop, Samba and Jazz moves? Dancing no more than 20 minutes every day can really help you lose weight quickly. You can join a dance class or just dance around the house feeling like one of “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants.

Exercise ball

Exercise balls are fun! They are also pretty amazing for shaping your body as they have the fantastic ability of toning the muscles of your body making you leaner and thinner.


Put on some light clothes, wear your favorite running shoes, get your Ipod with those amazing tracks you have downloaded just for running and hit the nearest park. We promise you, there’s nothing better for your figure and the whole weight-losing process than running. Don’t expect to see the results after a week or two. It is going to take some time, but it’s going to be worth it.

Staying away from the scales

Scales are evil (well, sometimes), they’re motivation killers! Don’t be one of those people who weigh themselves after every exercise. Train hard and be patient. The results will come shortly, and when you feel you have achieved what you wanted, only THEN get on those scales!

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