“Will these pants look good with a red blouse?” “Do these shoes match with my dress?”” Can I wear this with this?” The chain of these kinds of questions is interminable. It is true though. Not every color goes with every color. There are some rules. Rules that some people break sometimes. But we are not rule-breakers, are we? We are women with defined sense of fashion. We want to look good. We know how to look good!

In the following article, we are going to present the best color combinations to wear in winter. As it is winter outfit we are talking about, we will try to refrain from using bright colors.

10 Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Beige with Forrest Green and Ruby Red

Being a neutral color, beige looks perfect with dark shades of green and red. Olivia Palermo has matched forest green leather skirt with ruby red heels and beige cardigan.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Cardinal Red with Camel and Maroon

Camel and maroon have the same color tones, and cardinal red adds a little edge to the combination. Shini Park has combined camel coat, red scarf and maroon handbag.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Dark Pink with Black and Slate Gray

To save the whole image from becoming too dark, Constance Jablonski has added a pink blazer to a pair of grey pants and black tank top.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Royal Blue with Powder Blue and Navy

The combination of three shades of blue looks really refreshing! Eleonora Carisi has matched royal blue sweatshirt with navy skirt and powder blue leather bag.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Dusty Blue with Cranberry and Beige

Jessica Alba was seen strolling wearing simple jeans with beige plaid shirt, a cranberry cardigan and a blue fedora hat.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Ice Blue with Navy and Forrest Green

Two shades of blue look pretty natural with a dark shade of green. Jenna Lyons has gone for combination of a navy shirt, forest green heels and an ice blue clutch.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Gray with Ballet Pink and White

The combination of soft colors such as gray, light pink and white sure looks harmonious and elegant! A white skirt, gray sweater and ballet pink coat look good on Zina Charkoplia.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Lilac with Sea Green and Cobalt

The way Ella Catliff has matched lilac with sea green and cobalt is fantastic! Sea green skirt, lilac blouse and cobalt handbag create a smart, peaceful image.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Camel with Moss Green and Yellow

We have always known how great the combination of green and yellow looks. But camel with green and yellow? That is something new. But that is also something we (and Annabelle Dexter-Jones) approve.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Chartreuse with Sky Blue and Navy

The image created by Blair Eadie oozes confidence, it’s bold, but feminine. A simple combo of a sky blue skirt, navy handbag and chartreus sweater is inspiring and positive.

Best Color Combos to Wear In Winter

Photos: whowhatwear.com


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