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These days, discussing beauty and wellness always veers towards the topic of skincare. Since becoming a global trend, the Korean skincare industry continues to prove why their extensive process is worth the effort and bucks. It boasts numerous benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-aging
  • Less breakouts
  • Even skin tone
  • Luminous glow

This meticulous, step-by-step routine has also introduced previously unknown products that are now essential to everyone’s skincare regimen. One of these products is a cult favorite – the humble face mist. 

Today, face mists are one of those skincare products that promise various benefits. A few years ago, some people would have scoffed at the idea of a bottle of spray-on “mist” being an essential product in their skincare routine. But today, more and more people swear by the effects and benefits of using face mists. Some people never leave their houses without a handy travel bottle of mist in their purses.

So, how do you use a face mist?

Despite its popularity, many remain clueless about how mists are actually used. For skincare newbies, the number of products and steps out there can be quite intimidating, and the idea of a face mist often draws raised eyebrows and questions.

If you’re curious about how others use face mists, we’ve compiled a list of several different methods. Mind you, this isn’t even the full extent of just how useful they are. But to make the idea of mists less intimidating, and still convince you that they’re truly worth it, we’ve narrowed it down to 11 simple ways!

1) Hydrate Your Skin

Woman spraying face

Throughout the day, our faces are exposed to different types of elements that could potentially harm our skin. Constant exposure to things like pollution and UV rays dehydrate the skin, making it look dull and lifeless. In worse cases, dehydration leads to breakouts and other blemishes. 

Face mists were originally formulated to hydrate the skin in between the hours of the day. They are widely popular during the summer, especially with the hot weather and dehydration at an all-time high. After a long commute or even a short walk under the sun, a face mist is the best and fastest answer to your skin’s hydration problems. Unlike regular moisturizers, face mists are light on the skin and very absorbent. You never have to worry about your skin feeling weighed down.

Applying mist on your face is similar to drinking water when you’re thirsty. The only difference is, your skin can’t always tell you when it’s time to rehydrate. It’s up to you to notice if your skin needs the hydrating boost, so keep a small bottle of mist inside your bag and spray it liberally to your face even while you’re on the go.

2) Seal in Moisture to Your Skin

Layering is an important aspect of the Korean skincare routine, which has grown quite popular in recent years. It involves an elaborate step-by-step application of products:

  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Ampoule
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sun cream
  • Sleeping mask

We all have different skin conditions and needs, so our routines will vary from person to person. Nonetheless, a new way to make the most of your skincare routine is to apply face mist in between layers.

There are many ways in which you can do this…

You can spray on a light layer of mist after cleansing, as well as before and after moisturizing. You can even do this before applying makeup. A few spritzes of face mist after each layer serves to boost the effects of each product. Each application ensures an extra layer of moisture that will surely make your skin look plump and dewy.

3) Boost the Absorption of Skincare Products

Along with special serums, essences, and sleeping masks, face mists are also a regular part of the elaborate Korean skincare routine. Some people are skeptical about the importance of face mists in their daytime and nighttime skincare routines. But avid Korean skincare practitioners swear by the difference made by each added layer of mist.

You can spritz on some face mist at any point in a skincare routine after the customary cleansing (both oil and foam cleansing) and toner. You can also use it before applying your moisturizer—don’t forget to tone your skin first—and after applying it. For others, a layer of mist is also essential after each application of serum and essence.

Why should you include this in your routine?

Skincare enthusiasts say that each layer of mist boosts the skin’s absorption abilities. And isn’t that what we all want the most when we’re doing our skincare routines? More absorption means increasing how effective each product is and making the most out of the money you spent on them. Because let’s be real: skincare products can be quite pricey, right?

Woman looking at her face in the mirror

4) Cool Down Your Face Temperature

Did you know that a higher face temperature increases the production of sebum? More sebum means an oilier face more prone to other problems like breakouts and blackheads. Your face heats up normally due to extra physical exertion like a workout or a simple brisk walk. Other times, it’s primarily due to your exposure to heat and light from the sun.

Regulate your skin’s temperature using a cooling face mist. Some face mists are specially formulated with cooling ingredients to lower the face’s temperature. Aside from the chilly effect on your face, a cooling face mist will also put a lid on the extra sebum production. 

5) Soothe Painful or Sensitive Skin

Cooling face mists are perfect for days when you’ve been unexpectedly exposed to too much sunlight. They also offer an excellent soothing effect on painfully red sunburns after a day at the beach. Face mists are also good at lessening or eradicating soreness and redness, leaving you all refreshed and ready to go.

When buying face mists for cooling purposes, make sure to avoid products with astringent or alcohol ingredients. Avoid those infused with fragrances as well. I know it might be tempting to buy a face mist because of its smell, but experts generally do not recommend using fragrances on your face.

Instead, look for face mists with anti-inflammatory properties. Those that have aloe vera or thermal water are usually your best bet when looking for cooling face mists.

6) Prime Your Face for Makeup

As mentioned earlier, you can use your face mist as a base when applying makeup. Priming your skin before putting on makeup is an essential step. It ensures that your face will be ready for the weight of regular makeup products, whether you’re going for an everyday makeup look or a glammed-up one.

A few sprays of face mist will ensure that your skin is supple and well-hydrated before adding layers of makeup. Hydration is vital because dry skin will ruin your hard work. Moreover, makeup application will also go smoothly if your face is smooth and silky, and a face mist is just the right answer to achieve the perfect canvas.

7) Set Your Makeup After Application

Some people might be hesitant to apply a mist after they are done with their makeup, at the risk of melting the makeup off their faces. However, beauty and makeup experts have long debunked this myth! A face mist is an excellent substitute for a setting spray, ensuring longevity for your makeup look with added skincare benefits.

Most of the time, face mists are made with friendly and all-natural ingredients, which is great when you’re worried about clogged pores and irritated skin. If you prefer using setting powders, face mists will also work well as a final touch after. 

You can also look into face mists that leave your face with a silky satin finish. Instead of applying setting powder at the end of your routine, you can opt to use a face mist, and it will dry with a powdery finish in no time!

8) “Retouch” Your Makeup After a Long Day

Woman using spray on makeup

Despite some brands promising that their product can last for hours, it is sometimes inevitable to experience makeup transfer or melting at the end of the day. For others, this is totally fine since they’re about to go home. But for some who might have engagements well beyond after sunset, this is a common problem that they usually solve with constant makeup reapplication.

But with face mists, you can skip the hassle of washing off makeup to “freshen up,” only to reapply it for the second time.

You can spray on a moisturizing mist to activate the foundation and other products on your face. Make sure to blend properly using a brush (or your clean fingers if you’re in a rush!). Wait for the mist to settle on your skin, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Isn’t that so easy?

If you want to go for a fiercer look after work, layering on thicker makeup is easy as pie. Spritz a light layer of mist to prime your skin to the additional makeup. Achieve that smoky look for a night out with your friends straight after work without taking too long.

9) Blend Foundation More Easily

Imagine going out of the house with cakey foundation.

Oof. Cringe, right?

Cakey makeup is also a huge no-no, but we understand that it happens to the best of us. A quick, clear-cut way to solve your cakey makeup woes is—you got that right—use a face mist!

Spraying a few pumps to your face will instantly activate the makeup layers on top of it. With your face damp, this is the perfect time to wrangle your foundation into blended perfection. Dab lightly on your damp skin until the color and texture even out. Use a clean brush or make sure to wash your hands first, for hygienic purposes.

There is no risk of weighing your face down with the extra layer of mist. As we’ve said, face mists are generally formulated with few ingredients to keep its promise of rejuvenated skin without the burden of heavy formulas.

10) Dilute Heavy Makeup and Skincare Products

Some people have minor issues with product formulation. And that’s normal since we all have varying skin types, family histories, and lifestyles—all precursors to our specific skin condition and needs.

When a product is formulated too strongly, or if the consistency just doesn’t fit, you can use a face mist to dilute the formulation to just how you like it. Handy, right? The urge to customize skincare formulations is understandable since we all have different needs and preferences. 

A great way to save time is to make your own DIY skincare line ahead of time! You can store the diluted products in cheap clear containers, but make sure that they are disinfected and thoroughly cleaned first!

11) Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Woman outdoors using face mist

Protection from the sun? Yes, you read that right!

Some face mists are totally equipped to provide extra protection against harsh UV rays. Because of skincare technology improvements, a lot of mists today now come with sun protection, thanks to the addition of SPF in their ingredient list.

If you’re one of those people who hate the consistency and white cast of sunscreens, an SPF-boosted face mist is perfect for you! The light formulation of a face mist means you don’t need to worry about it feeling heavy. At the same time, you are assured that you’re protected from the sun because of its SPF properties. 

Moisture is also a key factor when protecting your skin from the sun. A face mist provides a quick boost of hydration at any time during the day, giving you an extra edge against the harsh effects of UV rays on your skin.

Incorporating Face Mists to Your Skincare Routine

Some people don’t find face mists as essential to their skincare routines. They think it’s better to invest in more heavily formulated products to address their skin problems than rely on a “bottle of spray.”

It’s true that face mists do not promise a lot as a long-term solution to any particular skin problem. But always remember that taking care of your skin doesn’t start when signs start showing up. Prevention, after all, is still way better than cure.

Face mists, in general, cannot measure up against the concentrated formulations of serums or moisturizers. But making it a habit to hydrate your skin and taking extra precautions will help you maintain the overall condition of your skin in the long run.

And if you’re not too convinced with its long-term effect, face mists are still great pick-me-ups during the day, when your face feels dull and lifeless.