Soon you’re going to be dressing a baby, but right now, your dressing a bump, and while that bump will one day become a beautiful baby, right now, it may not be your best flattering look. The idea behind fashion is to streamline the body, and your new addition might not be the best addition to your skinny jeans.

The thing is, your bump is your baby and like any other baby, it’s going to be outgrowing its clothes rather quickly and if it’s inside you, that means you’re going to be outgrowing your clothes rather quickly. You need to plan in order to avoid buying too many clothes while making sure you and your bump prepared for the next growth spurt. Although every woman is different, there are some general guidelines you can follow in order to make sure your clothes are not outgrowing your closet.

Dresses and Skirt

If you’re channeling the sixties earth mama free flowin’ free flag flying vibe, babydoll, and loose-fitting dresses are the way to boho your bump. If you’re going to be a working Mom, low waisted skirts can be worn with longer tops to create a streamlined appearance. Midi dresses and sundresses are an oh so easy and fashionable solution for keeping the bump under wraps and can be worn over ts and long sleeves in the cooler weather. Hey, you can even do a mini. Your legs are still looking great, and there’s no reason not to show off your best assets. Just look for something loose in the waist and hip area and try to avoid stiletto heels.

Pants and Leggings

Good news! Leggings have just been deemed work appropriate, and if you’re a new mom to be, the timing couldn’t be better. You should be able to get some mileage out of your stretchy leggings for a while, and you can dress them up or down in order to suit any occasion. They’re also relatively cheap, so if you stretch them a bit or need to buy some larger sizes, there’s not much to worry about. Our tip: If you need to buy bigger sizes, don’t go for anything too expensive. You can get a decent pair at H and M for about $10.

Dfrow How To Dress A Growing Bump leggings

Tailored pants can also be very flattering especially if they are pleated below the waist. Stay away from too tight jeans and anything constraining around the abdomen.


Who knew that grunge metal could be so beneficial to pregnant women? When Kurt Cobain layered his flannel shirt over his rock tee and under his MC, he bumped up the bump a hundred-fold. However, when you’re dressing your bump, you don’t have to think combat boots and ripped jeans exclusively. There are quite feminine and sophisticated ways to dress your bump in layers as well.

Layering is a good move for the expecting mom in more ways than one. When you’re pregnant, your body is not regulating its temperature as efficiently, which might bring on some hot flashes in the refrigerated aisles of the supermarket and some chills in the overheated office. When you wear layers, you can add or remove clothes as necessary, you’re prepared to adapt to any hormonal hiccups.

In order to become a layering master, you’ll need a few essential pieces. First, stock up with about 5 or 6 tees and tanks and maybe some long sleeves for the colder days. These will serve as your basic foundation.

Next, make sure you have some sweater dresses and ponchos handy. They’ll fit nicely around your bump and can make very cozy winter wardrobe options. Look for cute and stylish bottoms. Stretchy waists that adjust as your body expands will give you the most bang for your buck.

Get some warm tights and slip on shearling boots. Soon you’ll be too big to reach down and tie regular pairs. They also look great over leggings and let you skip the socks on those mornings where you can’t find a matching pair.

Long, Loose Shirts and Sweaters

The natural progression after leggings is the long shirt. We all remember the “leggings ain’t pants lady, and whether you agreed with her or not, a long shirt over leggings is always a good look.

Dfrow How To Dress A Growing Bump loose

One good thing about loose and long shirts is that they’re classic looks and they also figure friendly so they look good on a number of different shapes and sizes, bump bearing included. In addition, you can wear them before and after pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry about spending money unnecessarily.

Bathing Suits

Swimming while pregnant is recommended for babies and moms. It keeps moms in shape without jarring the baby with sudden movements and high aerobic activity. While some moms go bikini, others might want a more supportive suit to keep their baby close and comfy.

Bathing suits are not known for their durability, and constant exposure to chlorine and/ or saltwater can increase their wear, so if you want to swim with your baby on board, a maternity suit can be a wise investment.

Maternity bathing suits are pretty much like regular bathing suits meets shapewear, only they don’t compress the stomach area. They simply hold the baby in place better and also offer greater support in the breast area.

Also, like other swimsuits, they’re available in a variety of styles and colors. Our current fave is the Motherhood Tankini Top with the Skirted swim bottom. It’s adorable and most customers say the tankini is super supportive for large breasts. The tankini and swim bottom can be purchased together or separately, but they make a big splash when they’re worn together.


At this time, your bump may be showing signs of expansion, which means you may want to move on to the maternity shops. But, hey the maternity shops of today are anything but your mom’s maternity shops. In fact, MOTHERHOOD has some maternity so cute, it may even make women want to get pregnant just to be able to wear it.

One thing that seems to be a rite of becoming a Mom is mom jeans and we’re talking those elastic waisted numbers, you know, all jeans on the bottom, all sweats on the top, not the sexiest look for new Moms.

Dfrow How To Dress A Growing Bump jeans

That’s why we’re really loving the Motherhood skinny jeans. There is a secret fit belly waistband that can be folded down or worn over the belly for additional support, but they’re slim through the hips and thighs. Check them out, chances are you’ll look hotter in these than some of your non- maternity skinny jeans.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Motherhood, the clothing brand, that is, we have to give a shout out to the Mom Maternity Denim Overalls. They come in sized XS to L so they can go from bump to beyond. They’re cotton/ spandex which keeps them thin through the leg and thighs with a skinny leg and the two front back and waist pockets are both functional and adorable.

Sweat suits

It’s often been referred to as the Dad suit, but the sweat suit can be a godsend for expectant moms. The pants are more forgiving than leggings because most have an elastic waistband and don’t stretch out as easily and the suits come with a jacket or sweatshirt so you’re not faced with the challenge of coordinating an outfit on days when your best shirt is in the laundry.

Another nice thing about sweatsuits: the suit part is optional. Sweatpants can also be worn alone with T-shirts or sneakers and are nice and warm if you’re in a cooler climate or are expecting in the winter months and jackets can be used for every day wear as well.

Corporate Moms

If you’re the corporate mom to be, blazers and suits are probably a big part of your wardrobe. And you probably don’t to buy any new ones while you’re pregnant. Suits are investment pieces and it’s not the best idea to make big investments that won’t pay off in a few months.

Our advice: If the business lady look is essential, try wearing your old blazers open over a larger sized skirt or pants. If the business you work for is a little more casual, black leggings and good shoes can create the illusion of impeccable grooming.

Dfrow How To Dress A Growing Bump corporate style

Toppers are on trend to be huge this year and can be easily incorporated into the business casual look. Think Kate Middleton for inspiration. Add them to a simple dress or ponte pants to bump your bump up a notch.

The elongated vest is another good in”vest” ment when it comes to dressing your bump. It’s can class up an outfit when you go sleeveless in the summer or add another layer to what you’ve already worn in the cooler weather. Plus, you may still be able to get some mileage out of it after you’ve had your baby.

Formal Wear

Taking your bump out on the town? Formal wear is notorious for being tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy with a few strategic fashion moves.

One way to look sexy while you’re expecting is to concentrate on the legs. Dresses with slits are perfect for this. Also, try something with sparkle or focus on patterns and materials.

Babydoll one pieces are always on trend and also have that ethereal quality that makes that natural glow look supernatural. Add light sparkly jewelry and slippers to complete the look.

Belly Bands

When you’re dressing a bump, belly bands can be your best friend. The elastic band conceals your tummy so you can make your long tops look longer, which can also help to conceal unbuttoned buttons on your jeans.

Young pregnant woman smiling with a flower in her hair

They’ll also help you to stretch pre-pregnancy pants well into your second trimester and add a layer of support and warmth.

Another thing to think about – renting maternity clothes! There are companies that let you pick out pieces, wear them, return and repeat. Keep anything you want for 50% off retail price!

Any way you want to dress your bump, remember, it’s not all about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Any way you dress your bump, we know you’ll wear it well.