I have done some pretty strange things on the quest to become slim and svelte and so have a lot of people. In fact, the very goal of staying slim has spawned numerous diet fads and trends – some work, others do not. One of the latest weight loss trends that have popped up is the peanut butter diet and I must say that I can’t wait to give this one a try.

I love peanut butter but for the longest time, I have classified it as junk food. This new development of peanut butter being good for weight loss has really got me in a tizzy. Of course, I can’t just believe everything I read and neither should you. This is why we need to take a closer look at the peanut butter diet to see how it works, if it does work.

Weight Loss and Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Diet

The very name of the diet sounds absurd, doesn’t it? I thought so too at first, but a closer look made me realize that this diet just might be on to something. For one, the diet doesn’t say that you gorge on peanut butter; in fact it is very strict about portions. This whole thing is centered on the fact that peanut butter tastes good and when it is included in a diet, people are able to stick to the diet better. Why does this happen? It is because peanut butter tastes good! When people eat peanut butter in conjunction with another diet, they actually feel satisfied and not too deprived.

Weight Loss and Peanut Butter 2

Things to Consider

Now, I think we should all come to an understanding here: just because you are told that it is okay to eat peanut butter, it doesn’t mean you eat the sticky stuff straight from the jar. As with anything, moderation is key and if you eat too much of it, you will gain weight. I think that pretty much boils down to common sense, right?

Another thing you need to do is choosing your peanut butter wisely. You want the natural and not the overly fake ones. Try to look for homemade, natural, or unsalted peanut butter.