Fad Diets for 2014

We admit that in our quest to look as sleek, toned, and as streamlined as those Victoria’s Secret Models, we have fallen victim to some really sketchy fad diets. This 2014, a whole slew of fad diets have once again made an appearance and we would like to explore them with you.

Paleo Diet

The first time we saw this diet, we said to ourselves, “Well hey! This is a diet we could all get behind.” After all, if the cavemen did it, no reason we couldn’t. This diet espouses the idea that to cut fat and increase athletic performance, we should eat the way our paleolithic ancestors did. While the diet is low in sodium and encourages plenty of vegetables and lean meats, it also cuts out entire food groups. Most people that are on this diet also get stuck on certain types of food which can lead to nutrient and mineral deficiencies.

Intermittent Fasting ­

We must confess that we have tried fasting to lose weight – and it never worked. However, this diet works on the theory that the human body was made for intermittent periods of fasting. Dieters are told to consume 500 to 600 calories for 2 to 3 days a week to lose weight. What is nice about this diet is that it promotes exercise and allows all food groups. The downside here is much of the science behind it is still highly controversial and healthy eating habits are not exactly promoted.

Gluten-free Diet

There used to be a time when gluten-free was only for people with celiac disease. These days, people are on this diet to lose weight and we have even been tempted to give it a try because it promotes a lot of whole foods. On this diet, all food containing gluten is avoided and this includes rye, wheat, and barley. There are now lots of pre-packaged gluten-free food-options but the downside is they often contain tons of sugar and fat that can lead to weight gain.

These are just some of the fad diets for 2014 and perhaps you can give some of them a try. Our only thoughts on this is that nothing beats healthy, controlled eating and exercise to lose weight and become healthy.