It is no longer just the catwalks that attract all of the attention during major fashion weeks around the world…

Recently, everyone has been keeping an eye on street style too, as this has proven to be extremely influential when it comes to predicting trends. 

With London Fashion Week 2019 having now drawn to a close, here are some of the best street style looks that were spotted. 

The Double Jumper

LONDON, UK- February 16 2019: Lisa Aiken on the street during the London Fashion Week

Mauro Del Signore /

The double jumper trend, affectionately known as jumpering or the scrumper, is one that has only recently begun going mainstream. This was helped by the fact that so many celebs gave this trend a try, from Alexa Chung to Bella Hadid, leading to big fashion brands using it on runways and in promotional campaigns. 

You might be thinking…

What on earth is the double jumper trend?! 

It’s when you have a jumper that looks as though a second jumper has been attached to the top and then wrapped around the neck. 

Of course, many brands, such as Celine, have since produced their own versions of this garment, but it is possible to make your own too. 

The trend began with the use of two identical jumpers, but people have now taken this further, experimenting with such a wide range of scrumpers. 

It should come as no surprise that this trend was one of the most intriguing of street styles seen at London Fashion Week 2019. 

It was Lisa Aiken, fashion director of Net a Porter and Moda Operandi, who pulled this look off the best. 


LONDON, UK- February 16 2019: Lisa Aiken on the street during the London Fashion Week.

Mauro Del Signore /

Because she combined the scrumper with an all-white look, which gave her entire outfit a beautiful sophistication. It was the perfect example of how to pull off an all-white look by mixing together different silhouettes and textures. 

Floral Prints

LONDON, UK- February 15 2019: Women on the street during the London Fashion Week.

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Floral prints were seen in abundance on the streets of London Fashion Week 2019. This could have been something to do with the fact that the event took place in February, when everyone is desperate to see the end of winter. 

Of course, floral prints come in so many different shapes, sizes and styles, but the ones seen at London Fashion Week were bright and colorful. 

They really did seem to embody spring, bringing the vibrancy of the season a little nearer. 

Never been a fan of florals?

This may just be because you haven’t yet found the right print for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing florals: 

  • Smaller-scaled prints will look more subtle and less high-contrast 
  • Sparse prints tend to have a slimming effect, while denser prints can distract 
  • Go for a style that suits you, whether this may be English Cottage Garden or Tropical Hawaiian Florals 

The Maxi Trench Coat

LONDON, UK- February 16 2019: Linda Tol on the street during the London Fashion Week.

Mauro Del Signore /

The trench coat is a true classic. 

It was originally invented in 1879, as a way to keep soldiers dry when it was raining. It proved to be extremely effective, and this waterproof quality could be the reason why the trench coat is still loved by so many today. 

Being a British-designed garment, it only made sense that this stunning trench coat, worn by fashion influencer Linda Tol, stole the show when it came to the street styles at London Fashion Week 2019. 

The way in which Tol styled the trench coat made the outfit even better…

Wondering what she paired it with? 

A black puffer bag that helped to add contrast, volume, and a modern edge to the look, as well as some black heels that highlighted the outfit’s sleek and polished quality. 

Don’t own a trench coat? 

You really should…

This is such a practical and versatile garment that can be worn with just about anything. 

LONDON - FEBRUARY 17, 2019: Stylish attendees gathering outside 180 The Strand for London Fashion Week. The girl wears a beige trench coat and checkered wide trousers and a cap.

Elena Rostunova /

Of course, you need to make sure that you opt for a truly timeless design. Here are some tips to help you do just that: 

  • If you are short, a cropped design will work well. On the other hand, if you are tall, look for a below-the-knee or maxi design, such as the one in the photo above 
  • A belt in the middle will help to draw attention to your waist 
  • Belted cuffs will help to draw attention to your arms 
  • Earthy shades are the most classic, but don’t be afraid to try on some bolder colors too 

The Snakeskin Jumpsuit

LONDON - FEBRUARY 15, 2019: guest is seen on the street wearing neon green snakeskin pattern jumpsuit with neon bag during London Fashion Week

Elena Rostunova /

Jumpsuits are still so trendy, and so are snakeskin prints, so it only makes sense to combine the two together, resulting in such a show-stopping outfit. 

The green neon snakeskin print seen above is definitely an attention-grabber. The way in which the jumpsuit features a belted waist helps to break the print up a bit, while adding definition to the silhouette. This definition is key when it comes to preventing the outfit from looking too costume-like. 

Want a snakeskin jumpsuit of your own?

With this being quite a popular trend for 2019, so many brands now have their own version of the snakeskin jumpsuit, making it easier than ever to find one that you love. 

Here are a few to get you started: 

  • Urban Outfitters – vintage-inspired yellow snakeskin jumpsuits 
  • PrettyLittleThing – jumpsuits in various styles and colors, from chocolate snakeskin prints to tan and gray 
  • SilkFred – a slinky crepe-wrap snakeskin print culotte jumpsuit 
  • Missguided – a slim-leg brown snakeskin print jumpsuit 
  • Emilia Wickstead – a blue linen python-print jumpsuit 

The Short Crossbody Bag

LONDON - FEBRUARY 15, 2019: Stylish attendees gathering outside 180 The Strand for London Fashion Week. girl in blue denim jumpsuit and wide-brimmed hat with small bag with sign "No"

Elena Rostunova /

When it comes to the street style accessories that were seen at London Fashion Week 2019, just about every fashionista in presence sported a crossbody bag of some kind. 

What is a crossbody bag? 

They are bags with long handles that enable them to be slung across the body, conveniently leaving you hands-free. 

You are probably thinking…

Those bags have been around forever. What makes them so special all of a sudden? 

The fact that people are now styling them in unique ways, shortening the straps so that they hang in a very specific way. 

Many crossbody bag designs now come with adjustable straps to make this easier for people to do. 

Wondering what to do if your bag doesn’t already have adjustable straps? 

Well, the easiest option would be to tie the straps, as this enables you to have full control over their length. 

Of course, that method can also result in ruined straps, especially if you keep them tied over a long period of time. 

Here’s a way to get around that: 

  • Choose a scarf from your wardrobe, preferably one that complements your bag 
  • Tie one end of the scarf to the base of the strap 
  • Pull the straps over the top of each other until you have reached your desired length 
  • Hold this strap bundle in your hand and then wrap your scarf around this 
  • Once you have reached the end of the strap, tie another knot to hold everything together 

Not only will this method give you crossbody bag straps that are the perfect length, but the added contrast provided by the scarf will give your look even more personality and flair. 

Voluminous Sleeves

LONDON - FEBRUARY 15, 2019: Stylish attendees gathering outside 180 The Strand for London Fashion Week. A girl in a blue chiffon blouse, a colorful skirt in flowers and a pink jacket

Elena Rostunova /

Voluminous sleeves were quite the trend a couple of years ago, meaning that no one expected them to make a return so quickly. 

However, here they are again, and were spotted quite a bit in the street style looks of London Fashion Week 2019.

The beauty of this style is how it can completely transform your silhouette, taking it from simple to high fashion, all thanks to the sleeves. 

Unfortunately, voluminous sleeves are something that many steer clear of. 


Because styling these sleeves can be a little tricky, unless you have the help of these following tips: 

  • Stick to white for work – if you want to give this trend a try at work, opt for a blouse in a simple, neutral color. White would be ideal, as this will tone down the volume in your sleeves 
  • Shorter sleeves for curves – voluminous sleeves are great, but they do have the effect of enlarging the upper body. If you already have plenty of natural curves, or a larger bust or hips, then opt for shorter sleeves instead. The volume should be focussed at the bottom of the sleeves, with the wrist and part of the arm being exposed. Going for something in black can also have a slimming effect 
  • Dramatic sleeves for tall frames – tall women have the option of experimenting with the most dramatic of silhouettes, as they will be able to pull this off in a way that shorter women cannot usually do 
  • Mid-arm for short frames – if you are shorter, look for voluminous sleeves that fall to your mid-arm, as this will help to elongate your body 
  • Experiment with fabrics – voluminous sleeves can look completely different depending on the fabrics that they have been crafted from. Rigid fabrics give you a more structured silhouette, while lighter fabrics give you a romantic flow 

The Half Tuck

LONDON, UK- February 16 2019: Jeanette Friis Madsen on the street during the London Fashion Week.

Mauro Del Signore /

You have probably noticed that people seem to be tucking in their t-shirts, shirts and sweaters more and more. 

Tucking is something that has been done with clothing throughout history. However, while this used to be quite a simple way to style an outfit, tucking has now taken on a mind of its own…

There are so many different ways in which you can tuck clothes in now, and each one can really add a distinct edge to an overall outfit. 

One of these methods is commonly referred to as the half tuck. 


Because it requires you to tuck in just half of your sweater, leaving the rest to drape around your body. 

For tucking newbies, all you need to do is make sure that your sweater is lying flat and tight against your body. You may need to pull the hem down to achieve this. 

Then, tuck in about one inch of the sweater just at the top of your jeans, making sure that the fabric remains flat. Use your hands to loosen up the rest of your sweater, so that you get that beautiful billowy look that the half tuck provides. 

It definitely helps if your sweater is hip-length. Any longer than this, and you will end up with unsightly bumps and bulges around your waist. 

Of course, even if you’re not into the half tuck look, there are several other tucking methods that you could look into. Try the Vienetta Tuck for a beautifully rippled effect, or just a standard full tuck if you want to go for something classic and refined. 

High-Waisted, Wide-Legged and Green

LONDON - FEBRUARY 15, 2019: Stylish attendees gathering outside 180 The Strand for London Fashion Week. Girl in green flared trousers and a brown jacket

Elena Rostunova /

As you can see from this image, as well as the one above, green high-waisted, wide-legged pants were seen quite a bit at London Fashion Week 2019. 

Well, this should come as no surprise…

The high-waisted trend has been around for quite a while now, and shows no signs of disappearing. The wide-legged look lends itself perfectly to this trend, helping to elongate the body even more. 

How about the green? 

Well, both images above feature quite a bold, vivid shade of green. 

Don’t like it? 

Don’t worry, because greens of just about every shade are set to be huge this year. Whether you prefer a mossy green, a pistachio green or an olive green, this is a color that will dominate stores in 2019. 

Yes, the green combined with the wide-legged, high-waisted design is quite a dramatic look, but it is also actually pretty versatile. You can style your pants with both solids and prints in just about every color, making them work for such a wide range of events and occasions. 

Even if you don’t want to go for green pants, try adding this color into your wardrobe in other ways instead. 

Fashion week street styles are always such a fantastic source of inspiration. From creative styling techniques to the big trends, all of this and more can usually be spotted on the streets of a major fashion week.