It might just seem like yesterday but the 90s happened more than 14 years ago. I know, it seems alarming because it seems just like yesterday that we all celebrated the turn of the century and it does seem sad if you think about it being so far back. However, I have a little treat for you that just might make you not miss the 90s. Are you ready?

I am talking about horrible 90s fashion trends that make me cringe every time I see old pictures of me and I’m sure some of you were victims of those horrid trends as well. Together, let us look back to the most horrible of 90s fashion and feel happy that they are finally behind us!

90s Fashion

Popcorn bubble shirt –Take a look at that picture to the left and tell me you do not remember that shirt? Oh those popcorn bubble shirts made up the bulk of my wardrobe for a time back in the 1990s and I just thought they were so cool. Update: they are not cool and looking back, I couldn’t believe how ridiculous I looked wearing one. That is one 90s fashion that I hope we never see again.

Popcorn bubble shirt

Spiky plastic headbands – There was a time when every cool girl—from the cheerleaders to Sabrina the Teenage Witch—would pull back their hair using these head bands. I have to confess that I begged my mother to take me to the mall so I could stock up on them. Now that I see old pictures of me, I realize that I kind of look ridiculous. Okay, I looked plenty ridiculous.

Butterfly clips – I remember these perfectly well since I had about a drawer full of butterfly clips that I hoarded and discarded after a month. I thought I was projecting hippie or fairy when in fact I looked like a deranged fairy. This is one hair accessory that is better off dead.

Butterfly clips

These are just some of the 90s fashions that make me cringe as I look back at my youth. While I do miss some fashion styles like cargo pants (yes! I love them!), these I can do without.