Preppy looks great for teens, and chic looks great for the ladies. But did you know that you can mix these looks up and come up with preppy chic that would work for almost all ages, and wherever you go? You can look both cute and professional if you are able to rock the preppy chic outfit! Here are some tips to remember when going for the preppy chic look:

  • I love experimenting with layers, and with this look, you can do just that. Have a baby collar top paired with a skirt of your choice and top it with a cardigan with the same length of the skirt. You can wear leggings or stockings, and pair it with cute doll shoes.How to Wear Preppy Chic
  • Mind your colors! I’ve noticed how preppy chic tends to have pastels and more solid color combinations that tend to show more of the basic palette. Anything that looks creamy can be matched with something more solid and dark which would complement it.
  • Don’t forget your hair! Tying your hair in a ponytail or a bun with some loose strands on the side of your face can help you out. Try wrapping a ribbon around it or perhaps accentuate the look with a bow headband.
  • Remember not to overdo your makeup. You would want to go for a fresh yet subtle look. Achieve this by placing just some clear mascara or a thin coat of black mascara, thin black or smudged out brown eyeliner, and some tinted lip balm. A little bit of blush on the cheeks won’t hurt too!
  • Pearl necklaces can be very preppy accessories! You can wear some with turtleneck shirts or something which has a lower collar.
  • Skater skirts or basic A-line skirts matched with doll shoes or a nice pair of wedges would look ultra preppy. This can even be worn in the office.How to Wear Preppy Chic
  • If something looks a little too girly, you can bring out the lady in you by sharpening the look with a trench coat or perhaps some stilettos.

Remember that mixing and matching to find the right mix between preppy and chic will be up to you. Play around with what you have and you’ll love this look too!