We always get excited when we see ads for Coachella. After all, not only is it a great venue for amazing music but it is also a wonderful way to showcase the latest fashion trends. This year’s Coachella music festival wasn’t just awesome music-wise but it also featured a lot of creative fashions that we’re sure will quickly get picked up in modern street wear. Without further ado, we offer you a peek at some of the top Coachella fashion trends.

Top Coachella Trends

Hot pants

Coachella goers were not shy about showing off their toned legs and glutes in hot pants. Everywhere you looked it was hot pants, hot pants, and more hot pants in all shapes, sizes, and prints. Some took the hot pants to new lengths by adding some hardware in the form of studs and other metallic additions. Some celebs spotted rocking the hot pants trend were models Alessandra Ambrosio, Poppy Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner.

Midriff baring tops

As if hot pants weren’t enough, Coachella goers decided to show even more skin by pairing their tiny pants with even tinier tops. From bra tops to halter tops and even tiny bikini tops, Coachella festival goers were not at all shy about showing off some skin.

Tanned skin

It was the start of summer in California and it would have been tragic for Coachella goers to go around with winter-pale skin. Festival-goers went around with glowing golden skin (though some were more orange!) and enjoyed the sun, wind, and music.


Did we mention it was the start of summer in California? Of course festival goers were wearing their sunglasses! It was a feast for the eyes because everywhere we looked, there were sunglasses of all shapes and sizes. Some were more classic (aviators and wayfarers) while others were spunky and funky (bejeweled and heart-shaped) but most were reminiscent of the good old 90s.

We simply adore Coachella and all the fashions that emerge during the said event. We simply cannot wait what festival goers have in store for next year’s Coachella but one thing’s for sure, we are not going to be disappointed with their fashion choices.